Monday, May 7, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #7 - Oct. 1980

Think Superman was already getting too many digests all to himself? DC aparently didn't think so, since as you can see they were already coming up with variations on the "how can we reprint more Superman?" theme. It's funny, when you look at this cover, at how closely it mirrors the later Smallville TV series--Clark meets Lois, Green Arrow, and Aquaman as a boy!

Stories include:

• "Superboy Meets the Young Green Arrow" by Jerry Coleman and George Papp 
"The Super-Clown of Smallville" by Coleman and Crieg Flessel 
"Dark Strangler of the Seas" by Frank Robbins, Bob Brown, and Murphy Anderson 
"The Millionaire of Smallville" by Leo Dorfman and Papp 
"Superboy Meets Lois Lane" by Otto Binder and Papp 
"Plague from the Past!" by Dorfman, Brown, and Anderson 
"Lex Luthor, Imp!" by E.Nelson Bridwell and Papp 
"The Kryptonite Kid" by Jerry Siegel and Papp 
"Superboy Meets Supergirl" by Siegel, Curt Swan, and George Klein usual, there's a text piece by E.Nelson Bridwell about the stories. The one area he doesn't touch on is how absolutely crazily, giddiously convoluted these stories were, in terms of bopping around the time stream! That was just part of the fun of pre-Crisis DC, as is the cover by Andru and Giordano. 

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Earth 2 Chris said...

I don't have this digest, but just from the cover, it wouldn't surprise me to find his on the bookshelf of the Millar/Gough offices!!! The Smallville bible!