Friday, May 25, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #15 - Aug. 1981

sgWow, Superboy sure was popular!

As the cover indicates, this book features ten--yes, ten--adventures of the Boy of Steel:
"The Laughingstock of Smallville" by Bill Finger and Al Plastino
"Lana Lang's Super Birthday" by Alvin Schwartz and Creig Flessel
"The Saddest Boy in Smallville" by Leo Dorfman and George Papp
the two-page featurette "Superboy's Secret Hideaways" by E.Nelson Bridwell, Bob Brown, and Wally Wood
"The Boy Who Betrayed Clark Kent" by Robert Bernstein and Papp
"Pete Ross' Super Secret" by Otto Binder and Papp
"The Old Maid of Smallville" by Bernstein and and Plastino
"The Day Clark Kent Got a Haircut"(man, they were desperate for stories that day) by Bernstein and John Sikela(?)
"The Dog Catcher of Smallville" by Binder and Papp
"The Ordeal of Chief Parker" by Jerry Sigel and Plastino
"The Rock n' Roll Riddle of Smallville" by Cary Bates, Brown, and Murphy Anderson

...and if that wasn't enough Smallville-ania for you, there's a text page by ENB about some of the other denizens of the town! Man, when's Carl "Moosie" Draper gonna show up on the TV show?

And is it me, or is the Superboy on the cover(by Andru and Giordano, 'natch) really, really bulked up?


Doug slack said...

I didn't know General Thunderbolt Ross was such a fan.

Earth 2 Chris said...

The real reason Legion history was rewritten without Superboy was due to his expulsion over illegal "vitamin supplements".