Saturday, May 26, 2007

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #12 - Aug. 1981

sgDefinitely an off-beat choice for a digest collection, The Haunted Tank feature from G.I.Combat did feature some great art and story, and this four-part story was a great choice to be collected:

"Introducing the Haunted Tank" by Bob Kanigher and Russ Heath
"Easy's First Tiger" all by Heath
"Mission: Dead End" by Archie Goodwin and Sam Glanzman
"Battle Ghost" by Goodwin and Glanzman(sounds like a law firm)
"Day of the Goth" by Goodwin and Glanzman
"Another Time, Another Place" is way out there--it's a sci-fi/war story, written by Bob Haney with art by Neal Adams, with a good old-fashioned, EC-esque twist ending
...and then one more Haunted Tank tale(?), "The Final Victor" again by Goodwin and Glanzman

Nice covers by Joe Kubert, too!

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BobH said...

I just picked this one up recently. Nice book.

Interesting that Goodwin and Glanzman got a mention on the cover, which was still an anomaly at DC at the time (other than a run of early 1970s credits for Jack Kirby on some covers). Especially since Goodwin had long been at Marvel at this point.