Sunday, November 23, 2014

Superman Adventures: The Man of Steel

As I said yesterday, DC released two digest-sized Superman collections to tie in with their "Superman at 75" celebration, with little to no pre-release hype. I didn't even know they existed until Nuclear Sub Kyle Benning pointed them out to me after we did a digest-themed episode of The Fire and Water Podcast.

Squarebound with cardstock covers, these books were cover priced $9.99 which is a bit much, nevertheless they make for a handsome package. Superman Adventures: The Man of Steel reprints stories from:

Superman and Batman Magazine #s 1,3,5,7
Superman Adventures of Superman #s 17,18,40,41
Justice League Unlimited #34

I have yet to see any evidence DC did this for their Batman 75 celebration, which you would think would be even more of a slam dunk, sales-wise, than Superman. Let's hope I'm wrong, and that DC does digests for Wonder Woman 75 next year!

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