Friday, March 13, 2009

DC Digest Ad - 1972

My pal (and DigestFan) Craig Wichman sent me this awesome, rarely-seen DC ad promoting their first two digest efforts--Laurel & Hardy and Tarzan, both scheduled for 1972.

I say "scheduled", because the Laurel & Hardy book was never published. Its hard to imagine a reason why some modest little book such as this would get pulled from the schedule--especially after an ad had been put together. For pete's sake, why?

This is the kind of comicus obscurus I love finding out about, but I think its a safe bet not one single person working at DC at the time remembers why the book was pulled. Soon after, DC amended the ad to be Tarzan only, leaving it to be the only digest book the company produced for years.

Thanks Craig!


Anonymous said...

Do you have a list of comic digest that are being printed currently?

M W Gallaher said...

There was also an ad printed for Laurel & Hardy #2, which was never printed. If the digest was supposed to have 160 pages, it couldn't have consisted of reprints from the aborted "regular" comics series, so I'd guess all of the L&H comics (except maybe for the covers) that DC planned to publish must have been pre-existing stuff generated outside of DC editorial, probably for overseas markets.

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