Saturday, April 28, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #6 - Aug. 1980

As with the treasuries, we see that even from the beginning, Superman was going to be the major star of the digests. The sheer volume of material, even by this point, was so massive that DC could come up with any theme they'd like and they'd be able to cobble together enough material to fill a book, like this issue's "Daily Planet" theme. The handsome, what-the? cover is by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano, with a cool back cover made up of Planet headlines.

The stories include:
• "Clark Kent's Masquerade as Superman" by Otto Binder and Al Plastino

"How Lois Lane Got Her Job" by Otto Binder and Kurt Schaffenberger (man, Schaffenberger really brought it to these very silly stories)

"Jimmy Olsen's 1000th Scoop" by Robert Bernstein(?) and Curt Swan

"The Super Cigars of Perry White" (a story so insane it almost approaches surrealism) by Elliott S! Maggin and Curt Swan

"Clark Kent, Gentleman Journalist" by Bill Finger and with a really nice art job by Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye

"Dear Dr. Cupid" by Jerry Siegel and Kurt Schaffenberger

"The Last Headline" by Martin Pasko, Curt Swan, and the late, great Tex Blaisdell (my old Kubert School teacher!)

"The Superman Spectaculars" by Bill Finger, Wayne Boring, and Stan Kaye

"Jimmy Olsen, Editor In Chief!" by Leo Dorfman, Curt Swan, and George Klein

"The End of the Planet!"(!) by Edmund Hamilton and Al Plastino

...all topped off with a text piece by ENB all about the Daily Planet.

By the way, the covers sort of refers to the first story, where Clark Kent decides to pretend to be Superman, when of course we all know that's impossible!


dailypop said...

"The Super Cigars of Perry White"

Ooooh... I have to search this one out.

Speaking of super-powered cigars, do you happen to have Digest #19 with the Doom Patrol?

rob! said...

yep! it's coming down the pike in a few weeks...

Dailypop said...

Just found out about a Digest, #59 I think, with the story title 'Let My People Grow.'

Worth the price of admission right there, eh?