Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #2 - Dec. 1979

sgFor DC's second digest, Batman was the obvious choice as star. Indeed, as we'll see over time, DC basically went back and forth between their two biggest stars with some other characters thrown in when it came time for digests.

Again, DC tried to do something special and used a rare painted cover--even if it itself is a reprint, having first been used for a Batman treasury comic (have a special format Batman book? use this painting--DC eds.).

The stories were broken up into decades. From the 1940's, the stories were:
"The People Vs. Batman", by Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson
"Alfred, Armchair Detective" by an unknown writer and Robinson
"The 1,000 Secrets of the Batcave" by Finger and Robinson

The 1950s: "The First Batman" by Finger, Bob Kane, and Sheldon Moldoff
"Murder at Mystery Castle" by Finger, Kane, and Moldoff

The 1960s: "The Cry of the Night is Kill" by Mike Friedrich, Bob Brown, and Joe Giella

The 1970s: the classic "The Joker's Five-Way Revenge" by (who else?) Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams

...plus this book has some covers representing each era, and an inside-back cover text piece by Mike W. Barr (for my money, Barr wrote the best text pieces in the biz--informative, yet witty and interesting with a distinctive point of view). All in all, a very nice package and a solid sample of Batman's long (even by that point!) career.

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