Tuesday, June 3, 2008

DC Paperbacks Ad - 1977

The last of our new updates comes from DigestFan and all around good egg Craig Wichman--this ad for the line of paperbacks from Tempo Books featuring classic DC stories that were all published around 1977.

I remember seeing this ad in almost every DC book for what seemed like a year, but it was probably only a month or two.

I eventually got the JLA one and a few others, though that Super Friends puzzle has yet to be added to the collection. I need to correct that sometime.

Thanks Craig!


Wich2 said...

'Welcome, SiteMaster Rob.

I remember mooning over a few of these in the window of the old drugstore in the front of Grand Central.

After begging periodically, I finally got one - sunyellowing, staple holes & all! - when they changed the display. SUPES, I think.

-Craig W.

goooooood girl said...

So good......

bronzeagecomix said...

I love this site! I have the World's Finest and Superman paperbacks along with several more from other publishers. Digests, Treasuries, paperbacks, it's all good!

tkp1978@hotmail.com said...


Thanks for posting a cool website, including the links. Loved going down memory lane. I've not read some of the digests in years. Cheers.