Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Golden Comics Digest #31 - Aug. 1973

sgThese Gold Key digests always had such beautifully painted covers, and this edition is no exception.

Stories include:
Turok in "The World Below", "The Terrible Ones", "The Mystery of the Mountain", "The Missing Hunters", and "The Deadly Jungle."

There are other features reprinted, like Young Earth in "The Armored Ones" and "The Ice Age", and Indian Chief in "The Exile" and "Invaders from the North."

132 pages!


Anonymous said...

I have read many comics over my lifetime but the mystery comics digest and golden comics etc. have never left me . They were and still are absolutely outstanding . My entire family have read these comics so many times that they have become a part of our heritage - and rightly so . It is a pity that they are not still available

Jeff B. said...

I remember getting this in summer 1973 at a little convenience store somewhere in Cleveland. I was 7 years old. This comic blew my mind - dinosaurs AND prehistoric mammals? Cavemen? Pitched battles? A little bit of science thrown in for good measure? It was the perfect book for me. I held onto this digest comic until fairly recently - it was tattered and almost falling apart, but something about it was still inspiring. Sadly, a couple of cross-country moves later, and I can't locate it anymore. I'd love to get a replacement copy, but they certainly seem hard to find.